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Cruse helps people struggling with the loss of a loved one through some of the darkest moments of grief.

Our tribute service helps you to express your feelings about your loved one in words, pictures, music and even video.

It can also help friends and family to come together, not only in sharing memories and thoughts, but in supporting each other during the long and painful grieving process.
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In partnership with MuchLoved
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About Cruse Bereavement Care

Real Stories - Luke supported by Clare from Cruse

Luke releasing his memory balloon
Cruse supports more grieving children and young people than any other UK organisation.

Luke says ”I watched my parents grieve, but put my own grief on hold - I was pre-occupied with their well-being and worried about them”

Clare from Cruse Bath has been helping Luke come to terms with his own grief and he marked his 11th birthday - his first without his grandparents - by releasing a memory balloon.
Helping young people
RD4U is a website designed for young people by young people. It is part of Cruse Bereavement Care's Youth Involvement Project and is here to support you after the death of someone close.

RD4U means the 'road for you' - the main aim of this site is to let you find your own 'road' to dealing with your loss.
Walk and Remember
We are looking for people who enjoy a sociable ramble, so if you would like to join us at this great annual event, perhaps walk in memory of a loved one, and help Cruse Bereavement Care raise much needed funds, please call Mala on 020 8939 9552